Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quiz results #3

J joins in the fray!

What's rotting in the back of your fridge right now?

Not sure, will have to check. How long does it take for konnyaku to go bad?

Who inspired you to cook?

A dame named Necessity.

What was the first dish you remember cooking as a child?

I was forbidden to cook as a child. Children studied.

What ingredient(s) do you always have in your refrigerator or pantry at home?

Rice, flour, eggs, butter, milk, olive oil, salt, sesame seed oil, red wine vinegar, mirin, soya sauce, konbu, bonito and a bottle of champagne (does that count?)

What dish or dishes would you say you have mastered?

Well, none. But I do feel very comfortable preparing quite a few.

If you could have dinner with three people from any time in history, who would they be?

oo, hard question. For the moment Josephine Baker, Shakespeare and my maternal grandfather.

What ingredient do you despise?

Natto is difficult.

Favourite kitchen tool?

That's a toss up between my kitchen scale and d├ęcalotteur.

What's your one weakness as a cook?

I tend to get carried away with my aperitif...

And your strength?

Lot's of enthusiasm.

Best music to cook to?

None, I can't concentrate on two things at once.

What new dish are you planning to try in the near future?

Bittersweet chocolate cake with boiled marshmallow frosting.


  1. I hope that the subtext to the bittersweet chocolate plan is that this dish will be prepared when (one day) I come visit! will rival the Miette cake!

  2. Champagne most definitely counts as an ingredient!

    Silly question but.... is this 'J' 'Juliana' or 'Jon'?

    ...'cause if it's Juliana you got 2 months to get that chocolate recipe right in time for my visit (sorry Amanda - I'll beat you to it).

  3. Yes, it's the lady J. And I thank you two for your overwhelming show of support and enthusiasm. I definitely feel the need to perform now! Will keep y'all updated on the progress.