Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things to eat in the countryside

Yes, we ate the wild asparagus (quite bitter and best in small quantities) and yes, we let the poor fellow in the shell continue with his promenade in the grass.

And what did you have on the Easter spread this past weekend?


  1. I spent the weekend with my nephew, who is 6 months old. We ate a book about trains. It was delicious. We drooled all over it!

  2. We holed up in the Laurentians in a cabin rental with 10 friends this weekend. Between board games and lounging we ate Cedar Plank grilled salmon, Beer Can Chicken with home-made fries, Thai shrimp skewers, roast leg of lamb and this weekend's discovery - fresh chick peas. They're a pain to shell, but are quite tasty raw, or as we served them, cooked with butter, onion, garlic, and mint.

    Chocolate was also involved...