Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Pleasures From When I Was Little

Article and image courtesy of Amanda

1. licking the egg beaters

2. dipping your finger into the bowl of frosting

3. peanut butter and jam

4. stirring ice cream until it turned to soup

5. drinking chocolate milk through a fat straw

6. salt & vinegar potato chips in a green bowl while watching TV

7. Wink soda

8. salting a dish before tasting

9. pudding from a little tin, which always smashed into my sandwich in my lunchpail and left a little dent behind in the bread

10. chicken fingers


  1. Oops, typo alert! hahaha...I guess #2 ought to read "dipping MY finger into the frosting" but hey, you're welcome to let me dip yours in there, too!

    : )

  2. Some little pleasures I recall were rice with peanut butter and soya sauce, stealing raw ground meat intended for meatballs behind Mom's back, and processed cheese slices that were melted on top of the toaster. ah yes, and tuna melts, french fries and anything from Dairy Queen.

  3. Dilly Bars! Remember Dilly Bars?!

  4. Dilly Bars in the back of our wood-panelled station wagon, absolutely! This of course was before everyone was strapped in with seatbelts... Road trips always involved the kids camping out with pillows in the hatch to sleep away the long distances covered in the prairies.

    While we're on the subject of obscure memories, anyone have Koogle on their toast in the morning?

    Another post will follow about Kuffles, but you'll have to wait until Christmas.

  5. No Koogle, but I wish I did!

    Yes! Station wagon backseat no seatbelt sleeping bag roadtrip aventures! Ahhhh those lawless 1970s. I also remember my dad driving around barefoot, smoking a cigar with me and my brother in the station wagon, since he wasn't allowed to smoke in the house. Awesome.