Thursday, June 4, 2009

Late Spring in the countryside

Every time B and I head out to his family's maison de campagne I eagerly look around to see how the garden is doing. It's a welcome relief for this urbanite to see all the lush greenery reflecting the changing seasons. With the passing of spring (all pollen and flowers) the first signs of summer fruits are beginning to emerge.

Baby pears, I believe these are Poire William.

Baby peaches. Peach trees have the best leaves, all spear-like and shiny.

And the bestest of them all, wild strawberries. Normally I would just pick these little lovelies off and pop them in my mouth but the French have instilled the fear of fox pee in me, so now I carefully wash them off.

Also on their way to growing some fine fruit, a cherry tree, grape vine, and a quince tree. Can't wait for canning season! Plus I'm eyeing all the rose bushes as possible culinary opportunities...

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  1. Ohhh, those pissing foxes, ruining spontaneous berry-eating for the rest of us!